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Oregon Trail (1841 - 1867)
Oregon Trail (1841 - 1867)

Come and explore the corridor to the entire western United States on the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail made its way through present day Torrington on the way to Fort Laramie from its eastern departure points of St. Joseph, Westport, or Independence, Missouri. The Oregon Trail left Fort Laramie and headed west with another stop at Register Cliff (south of present day Guernsey) and then pressed westward toward the continental divide then towards Oregon.

Oregon Trail Ruts
Oregon Trail Ruts

The five-foot plus deep ruts around found on this steep hillside are among the best preserve anywhere along the overland trail routes. Thousand upon Thousands of wagon wheels literally cut into solid rock as oxen pull heavy wagons out of the North Platte Valley. These ruts marked a transition from the level river valley to the high plains and Rocky Mountains further west. Fort Laramie's re-supply and Army protection were only a day's travel back, but ahead was the continental divide. As the trail got steeper many family heirlooms were left behind.

Stage Routes
Stage Routes

Wyoming had numerous stage routes which later became Wyoming's modern highways. Such a stage route would be the Cheyenne-Deadwood Stage. In the not so distant past, Highway 85 was also known as the Cheyenne-Deadwood Stagecoach Line. The last coach departed Cheyenne on February 19, 1887 and was driven by George Lathrop. From Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane to folks like us, the line was an important venue for early travelers. It also housed thousands of dollars in gold bullion and silver which was the brunt of more than one holdup attempt. This stage ran continually night and day, with stops made for meals and a change of horses. The trip between Cheyenne and Deadwood took three days by coach and stage stations were located every 15 miles along the route.

Some photographs courtesty of Wyoming Tales and Trails

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